Packing Tips

Looking to begin packing your house but don’t know where to start? Follow our packing tips and you will find it easier and stress-free. Before you start to pack, call us to get advice or products – we can help you with information about materials, boxes for your goods and storage if needed.

Lets Start

  • If you’re going to store some of your goods in our storage facility, start to pack them first, label them and keep all of them in one spot (don’t forget to book ahead to ensure we have room for you)
  • Start to pack one room at the time. Label the boxes and write where they are going to go in your new place.
  • Label heavy or fragile boxes that will help the movers to place them at the right spot in the truck.
  • First pack goods that you do not use on a regular basis, such as old books, kids toys, etc.
  • Make sure that each box is not heavier than 15kg. Heavy things should be packed in small boxes, if applicable.

How to pack a box?

  • Prior to placing items in the box, close the bottom of the empty box and securely tape it. You should use a lot of tape to ensure that it will not open.
  • If you are packing fragile items, use soft things to place at the bottom of the box such as packing paper, pillows, towels etc. for extra padding.
  • For fragile items, wrap and pack each item separately. Also use a double layer for insulation.
  • Tightly close bottles and containers that contain liquid before placing them in the box.
  • Close and tape the box well, and mark if it is Fragile, Heavy or “This Side Up”


  • Disassemble beds, desks etc. before the move. Keep screws and bolts securely in a plastic bag or container and label them.
  • Make sure that doors and drawers stay closed use tape or ropes.
  • Look inside your cupboards, bookshelf or other units and take shelving out.
  • Let us know about big items (pianos, pot plants, or 10 seat tables) before the day of the move.

Fragile Item, Art and Lamps

We recommend that you leave these kinds of items for us to pack. If you do decide to do it yourself, please follow our tips:

  • Use bubble wrap and label as FRAGILE
  • Wrap picture frame and glass doors with bubble wrap and cover with cardboard.
  • Don’t water pot plants for three days prior to the move.
  • Sometimes bubble wrap might not be enough padding, so double up with cardboard
  • Remove light bulbs and shades and keep them in a safe place.
  • Wrap glass furniture tight enough that they can’t move when it is lifted up.

Electric Items

  • Remove the glass plate from the microwave and wrap it separately
  • Fridge, washing machine, dryer, oven, dishwasher etc. need to be empty, cleaned and dried prior to the move.
  • If these items have fragile shelves, remove them and wrap safely. Don’t forget to tape the doors closed.
  • TV, sound system, computer etc. should be packed in the original box, but if you have not kept this box, wrap with bubble wrap and cardboard.

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